The Althingi Administration

The Althingi Administration provides a variety of services for the Members of Althingi and others who seek information or have business with the assembly. The Secretary General of Althingi is Head of the Administration, responsible for implementing decisions of the Speaker and the Presidium. The Secretary General is assisted by three Assistant Secretaries General (Management and Finance, Administrative and International Affairs, and Parliamentary Business). Together these four form the executive of the Administration.

The Assistant Secretary General for Management and Finance also deputises for the Secretary General. He/she is responsible for finance, works, management, IT and human resources.

The Assistant Secretary General for Parliamentary Business supervises those activities of the Administration which are most closely connected to parliamentary activities. This involves, for instance, the organisation and administration of parliamentary business.

The Assistant Secretary General for Administrative Affairs supervises services to the Speaker and international co-operation, and also matters of information and publications.

The Althingi Administration comprises three main departments and six offices. They are; The Committee Department, Information and Publications Department, Services Department, Speaker's Office, the Chamber Office, Finance Office, Office of Legal Affairs, Human Resources Office and IT Office.

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