Organisational Chart


Management Board

The secretary general, the deputy secretary general, and the director for finance and operations comprise the management board of the Althingi Administration. The role of the board is to provide leadership, coordinate activities and advancement, and create a vision for the Administration. The management board is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of individual sections as determined by the secretary general. This division of tasks is outlined in the Administration's organisational chart.

The Secretary General of the Althingi

The secretary general is the head of the Administration. He/she oversees the finances and properties of parliament under authority of the speaker of Althingi and is responsible for a variety of projects carried out by parliament. The Chamber Department, the Committee Department, and the Human Resources Office appertain to the secretary general. The secretary general attends the meetings of the Presidium and assists the speaker of Althingi and the Presidium in all matters relating to the administration of parliament. His/her duties and responsibilities are further stipulated in the Standing Orders of the Althingi.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Althingi

The deputy secretary general deputises for the secretary general and manages three sections: the Speaker's Office, the Office of Legal Affairs, and the Research and Information Office. The deputy secretary general is the secretary of the Presidium and prepares its meetings.

The Director of Finance and Operations

The director of finance and operations supervises financial management and general operations and is directly responsible for three sections: the General Services Department, the Finance Office, and the Information Technology Department.